DDB's LampPost project returns this National Day to help less privileged

In line with Singapore’s 53rd birthday, DDB Singapore has launched its second The LampPost Project, comprising specially designed commemorative cotton T-shirts as well as reversible cloth tote bags from upcycled National Day banners. In a bid to raise money for the less-privileged Singaporeans, the project also aims to make supporters look and feel good through this initiative.

The banners are collected, sorted, and individually cut, before each t-shirt and tote bag is hand stitched and crafted – preserving the original designs in a wearable piece of history. It gives thousands of National Day lamppost banners and flags produced in previous years, a new lease on life.

The limited-edition fashion products aim to provide Singaporeans an opportunity to give back and make life a little brighter for those in need, DDB said. Clients at the Singapore Association of Mental Health, a voluntary welfare organisation, were also involved in the creation of the eco-friendly tote bags and t-shirts. All proceeds from the sale will go towards the makers of the LampPost bags and t-shirts.

“The project comes full circle. The symbols of our historical celebrations are preserved in contemporary, youthful products, and the proceeds go to those that need it,” Sharon Goh, creative director at DDB Group Singapore said.

“It’s such a fantastic concept, and one we’re very proud to support,” she added.

Last year, DDB Singapore launched its first The LampPost Project in celebration of Singapore’s 52nd National Day, comprising a “unique” collection of commemorative upcycled tote bags. The initiative was devised by a group of designers aiming to create useful, eco-friendly souvenirs to commemorate special occasions.

DDB partnered with Club21 to launch the inaugural range, which features simple, lightweight, practical and unique bags made from recycled lamppost banners and flags produced for National Day every year.