Cycle & Carriage, GOGOX and IKEA forge partnership

Cycle & Carriage is taking a step towards zero-emissions and the Singapore Green Plan 2030 in partnership with GOGOX, when it comes to deliveries for IKEA Singapore. For this collaboration, Cycle & Carriage will use its network of drivers and two Maxus e Deliver 3 electric vans to fulfil IKEA’s last-mile parcel deliveries out of the IKEA Alexandra store, by tapping into the GOGOX logistics platform.

“As the industry continues to transform in the direction of sustainability, our focus is shifting towards developing green technologies to work with players of this ecosystem. In line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, Cycle & Carriage has launched this pilot project and enabled GOGOX and IKEA to take first steps towards their own green energy ambitions. This is how we remain relevant to our customers and take a lead in our industry,” said Dawn Pan, director of multi-franchise operations, Cycle & Carriage Singapore.

The Maxus e Deliver 3 electric van is Cycle & Carriage’s first foray into the electric commercial vehicle category in Singapore. Launched in March this year, the Maxus e Deliver 3 electric van has zero tailpipe emission and even with the electricity consumed to charge the vehicle, the overall ‘well to wheel’ emissions are reduced by 41%. These two vans together would reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 33,000 kilograms over the coming decade, which is equivalent to the emissions from charging 4 million smartphones or burning 36,000 pounds of coal.

“The partnership with Cycle & Carriage sets a solid foundation for our journey towards clean energy and green transportation. We are proactively looking into adding more sustainable energy into our logistics services for enterprises, and partnering with Cycle & Carriage to serve IKEA is just the small beginning of our green mission,” said Patrick Wong, country manager, GOGOX Singapore.

Corinna Schuler, corporate communication and acting sustainability director for IKEA Southeast Asia, said that the company aims to fulfil 100% of its home deliveries through electric vehicles or other clean transport solutions by 2030.

“We can’t reach our goals alone. We are excited to be working alongside like-minded transport partners and suppliers – together, we lower harmful emissions while continuing to offer IKEA customers the convenience of home delivery. This a great example of the kind of collaborative action needed to tackle climate change, and it’s made possible because Singapore is paving the way to a low-carbon economy with incentives and infrastructure,’’ said Schuler.

GOGOX has also been a logistic partner of IKEA for the past four years, providing mainly kiosk service, back-office customer relations recovery as well as home delivery and assembly. This led to GOGOX clinching the Best eCommerce Fulfilment at MARKETING INTERACTIVE’s Asia eCommerce Award 2020 with its IKEA Parcel initiative. Meanwhile, GOGOX has partnered HSBC's PayMe for Business on several occasions since its rebranding in December last year from GoGoVan, with the most recent collaboration involving integrating PayMe into the GOGOX mobile app to facilitate payment and receiving of deliveries earlier this year in January.

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