GOGOX launches new video campaign and contest across six markets

Following a rebranding in July, GOGOX has launched a regional campaign across six markets to engage customers. 

The online campaign "eXplore with us" is currently running until 20 November on its Facebook page, inviting participants to figure out the number of people who are wearing a hat or a helmet in a one-minute video. GOGOX released a teaser video on 9 November to introduce the campaign, followed by a promotional video on 11 November.

Aimed to create synergy among markets to enhance its global identity, GOGOX will select 10 winners from each.

“We are thrilled to introduce ‘eXplore with us’ as our first marketing campaign across six markets, creating a stronger branding as we evolved to a new brand identity,” said Steven Lam, GOGOX's co-founder and CEO.

“2020 has been a challenging year, so we hope to spark some joy by taking everyone on a journey to explore the world around them. We look forward to launching more marketing campaigns to engage with our users," he added.

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