Content creator Jianhao Tan tops YouTube's 10 most watched creators 2019 list

According to YouTube, one of the most watched creator videos in Singapore this year was the proposal between Singapore’s top YouTuber, Jianhao Tan (>3.7M subscribers) and his wife Debbie that got the audience in happy tears.

This was closely followed by Millennials of Singapore, who was 2018’s Top Rising Creator also achieved another milestone by breaking into this year’s YouTube trending list (#8) and becoming the second most watched creator video locally by tackling the difficult topic of breakups on their Real Talk series. Riding on Kpop group, Black Pink’s Kill This Love frenzy, Night Owl Cinematics set the dancefloor on fire with an amusing challenge set to the beat of the iconic number to thank their fans for helping them reach the milestone of 900k subscribers.

Jianhao Tan, Millennials of Singapore and Night Owl Cinematics also claimed the #3, #8 and #9 spots in the overall trending YouTube videos (non-music) chart respectively. One of the fastest growing channels in the list of Most Watched Creator Videos in Singapore includes the brand new all-female channel, Ladies First, by Jianhao Tan’s Titan Digital Media. The channel's content focusing on beauty, fashion and health struck a chord with the crowd, and amassed a substantial following of close to 200k subscribers since the channel started in January.

Most watched creator videos in Singapore:

1. JianHao Tan: The Big Surprise Proposal - JianHao Tan & Debbie

2. Millennials of Singapore: Breakups - Real Talk Episode 17 (ft. Harvinth Skin)

3. Night Owl Cinematics: BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' - Dance Challenge in High Heels

4. Naomi Neo: My Life After Becoming A Mom | Naomi Neo

5. Dee Kosh: Watching CRINGEY Singaporean Tik Tok Videos

6. Umeandhara: I Rented A Date in Singapore!

7. Wah! Banana: How People Eat Hotpot

8. Ladies First: First Trimester Pregnancy Update (Baby Bump REVEALED!)

9. The Truth About Opening A Japanese Restaurant in Singapore: Misato

10. The Smart Local: Singaporeans Try: Relationship Dilemma Questions

Angeline Leow, head of communications, Google Singapore said, “YouTube is a platform that brings people together and connects them with the content they love. Over the past year, we’ve seen the hours of content uploaded from YouTube channels in Singapore growing by over 50%. This is a testament of a dynamic creator community in Singapore and the magic they create every day to keep viewers coming back for more. ”

According to Kantar TNS, over 75% of YouTube users in Singapore indicated that YouTube has a content  that match their preferences. In 2019, beyond music, Singaporeans showed particular interests in food, sports and the environment. A simple yet heartwarming ​Korean-style egg fried rice (#4) satisfied the cravings for Korean cuisine in just minutes, and an epic match between ​Liverpool and Barcelona at the UEFA Champions League (#5) kept Singaporeans at the edge of their seats. The growing interest in environmental conservation also had people rallying together for the ​rescue of sea turtles (#10) in the ocean.