Coca-Cola shows support for Muslim consumers with uplifting Ramadan ad

Coca-Cola shows it is standing by Muslim consumers during the Holy Month of Ramadan with an uplifting spot. The video, which was done by FP7 McCann UAE, features a young Muslim woman who has to endure the challenges and discomfort of fasting in the late afternoon. As a minority, she is also the victim of harsh stares and mockery from passersby.

When the female protagonist plans to break fast with the traditional meal of three dates, she is offered a glass of Coke from a supportive passerby. The passerby patiently waits for the sun to set before indulging in the drink with the female protagonist. The video ends with the message "What unites us is bigger than what divides us."

Reactions from netizens have been positive, with many commenting that the spot was "moving" and "meaningful". Meanwhile, some pointed out that Coke is not an ideal beverage to break fast with as it is unhealthy.

Since its posting on Facebook, the video has garnered over 224k views, 4.7k shares, 3.8k reactions and 289 comments at the time of writing. Check it out here:

In a statement to Marketing, Coca-Cola's spokesperson said it aimed to create a simple but universal message of friendship, kindness, solidarity and inclusiveness with the millions of Muslims around the world who fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan.

"We aspire to be the world’s most universal brands and believe that sharing a Coke can bring people closer, at a time when our beverages are enjoyed in Muslim communities around the world following the breaking of the daily fast," the spokesperson added.