Circles.Life (literally) points huge middle finger at 2020 and the chaos it brings

Singapore-based telco company Circles.Life has unveiled a sculpture of a middle finger, over a metre in height, that expresses exactly how it feels about 2020. Developed in collaboration with DO. Agency, this sculpture will be touring Sydney, Australia, a location picked because of the series of unfortunate events happening every other month, such as bushfires in January, COVID-19 announcements in February, and lockdowns that followed after.

Having been in Australia since September last year, Circles.Life launched this campaign with aims to show how insane 2020 has been and help people take power back in a unique way. As such, it lends a helping hand - literally, by parading a sculpture of a middle finger around Sydney for Aussies to take their power back and ask 2020 to f*ck off. Locations toured by the sculpture include Sydney Harbor, Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach. Additionally, Australians keen to flip someone off can borrow this cheeky hand from Circles.Life by requesting it through the Circles.Life webpage.

Kristen Holden, spokesperson for Circles.Life said dealing with everything from pandemics to bushfires whilst barely making it past the halfway mark for 2020 had left bad experiences, adding that Circles.Life had always been focused on using its brand to empower people and reached out to them whenever it could. “Earlier this year, we raised funds during the bush fires, and set up a COVID-19 response. With the number of hindrances Australians have recently gone through, we want them to know that we empathise with them and we represent their collective voice. We also want them to know that we can simplify things, and as their telco of choice, we would never let them down,” Holden explained.

Separately, as part of another cheeky campaign, Circles.Life wrote a breakup letter on Australian The Courier Mail newspaper to call out toxic relationships with telcos. This was done after garnering feedback which revealed that Australians had been unhappy in their relationships with their telcos. Circles.Life subsequently turned these complaints into an advertisement disguised as a breakup letter by an allegedly heartbroken lady called ‘Charlotte’.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, Circles.Life also created “emergency wardrobe” webcam filters to make nudity safe for work, providing fun filters to prevent last-minute scrambling to find a clean shirt for a video call. Prior to this, it took a jab on other telco industries facing major WiFi blackouts, positioning itself as a “savior” amidst the chaos by providing total protection against WiFi outages with its 100GB of 4G data plan.

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