Case Study: Upscaling a mass bakery brand

A series of TV commercials featuring a Japanese celebrity indulging in the guilty pleasure of cake-eating has marked a new strategy for Arome Bakery.

Underneath the seemingly simple product-based campaign is a bigger lifestyle approach to advertising to achieve a goal of revamping the brand as a mere bread shop for the mass to an upscale Japanese bakery-cum-café.

Since the end of 2011, Arome Bakery has been attempting to upscale its brand, unveiling seven Baker Rooms featuring a live baker rolling cakes derived from recipes the company has received from its expert in Japan.

Three months ago, it launched Bake and Drink, offering a menu where everything is made from imported Japanese ingredients.

Gloria Shek, senior marketing manager of Arome Bakery, said they want fans to focus on the quality of the new products rather than the new shops.

"The new concept won't show above the line aside from coverage from the press and bloggers," she said.

"We want to keep it low key because we want the message of the new shop - which has had an entire store-front change - to trickle down to our consumers via word of mouth."

When asked how Arome Bakery will position itself among mass brands like Maxim's Cakes and mid-tiered cafes like agnès b's offerings, Shek said it's determined to differentiate itself as a Japanese cake-dessert-bakery offering that caters to the mass and to "people looking for better ingredients".

"There are too many bread shops that offer the same things in the market; so we have yet to see something outstanding," she said. "We want to focus on quality over our new shops."

Turn Creative was in charge of its creative duties.

Watch the TVC here and here.