Case study: Reasons behind Mitsubishi Triton Extra Hardcore roadshow

Pick-up trucks have become a common sight on Malaysian roads over the last few years, and continued to sell well in 2016 despite challenging conditions. While Mitsubishi has been known for its performance heritage and toughness, competition from other competitor brands made Mitsubishi 4x4 vehicles seem less tough.

Individual communications platforms for the brand, were also getting lost in the cluttered landscape and entry point for 4x4 category was increasingly getting tougher.

While the company knew that its 4x4 segment had been growing steadily, contributed by a wider range of newer and exciting models, it also saw that car buyers were finding the 4x4 vehicle propositions of tougher, reliable and durable as of more valuable.

The buyers no longer saw the 4x4 vehicles for pure commercial usage but rather it had now shifted to being more lifestyle-oriented. And that was important for the company because today, 4x4 vehicles are attracting attention from people who don’t just need them but want them.

This post was done in conjunction with Square Roots. The company won Best Idea - Consumer Events category during the recent MARKies Awards.


"Our positioning is to make Mitsubishi 4x4 vehicle’s toughness more desirable in order for us to differentiate ourselves from other 4x4 vehicles. We wanted to appeal to the curious and new 4x4 users by demonstrating the toughness and the power of the vehicles in a different manner," Mitsubishi said.

With that, Mitsubishi came out with the The Mitsubishi Triton Extra Hardcore roadshow, where visitors were able to go on a thrill ride to experience the updated Triton, which now packs the more powerful, and economical, 2.4 litre MIVEC VGT turbodiesel engine.


With  a clear intent and direction, it focused on the objective to let the visitors to ride the Mitsubishi Triton to experience and acknowledge the toughness and the power of the vehicle from the thrill ride.


Most of the test drives are normally conducted on tarmac road. For more adventurous test drivers, the vehicles are taken to off-road tracks which are only limited to a select group of people. Whilst the test drive may excite only the participating individual, others do not get to see the real capabilities of the vehicle.

"We decided to do it differently by providing the consumer an adventurous test ride. A unique experience that showcases the capabilities of the 4x4 vehicles and more, a 4X4 adventure experience accessible by the masses that will be the talk of the town," a spokesperson from Mitsubishi explained.


In October 2016, it launched The Mitsubishi Triton Extra Hardcore roadshow, an on-ground experiential roadshow across locations in Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. The highlight of the event was DRIFT TAXI RIDES on Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 vehicles.

The Mitsubishi Triton Extra Hardcore roadshow would see Malaysia's motorsports athlete, Leona Chin and rally champion Kenneth Koh perform high-speed rides with the public. There were also other thrilling test rides on a specially outfitted obstacle truck - the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia.

The obstacle included the newly launched Mitsubishi Triton pick-up truck, being put through the test on a purpose-built Mitsubishi truck, featuring a wide range of obstacles including a 45-degree, 25-feet tall “sky” ramp that points upwards to the sky - an extreme test for any 4×4 vehicle.

Other challenges included the roller ramp test that saw the 4×4 vehicle “drive through” the giant obstacle truck as well as the side traverse and uneven ramp tests. Communication materials such as leaflets, street bunting, digital media coverage were created to generate anticipation of something exciting coming to town.

On-ground roving teams were deployed to reach out to the consumer within 5km radius from every venue where The Mitsubishi Triton Extra Hardcore roadshow was held. The test ride experiences were then further promoted across Mitsubishi Motors social media platforms and media coverage via press releases and digital releases.


Throughout the roadshows at four different locations nationwide, Mitsubishi generated mass awareness with close to ten thousand likes on social media with 1569 taxi ride, 945 test ride and 97 bookings across eight days with an average of 369 test drive and total of 6581 spectators.

This witnessed a 200% increase in average booking per day compare to the standard roadshow, and overall footfall increase by 43%. The visitors were also mostly potential customers.