Case Study: iMore Hairpro mobile app


Background: Marketers work hard to get a piece of the competitive shampoo category, creating fantastic TVCs to highlight the benefits of each product. But still, spending 40% of a marketing budget on this media doesn’t help to win the hearts of all the consumers in this saturated platform. A well-established brand always has the advantage within the 10-second consideration in front of a supermarket’s shampoo shelf. Under the belt of Unilever, Dove, Lux and TRESemmé were looking for a better way to connect with different audience groups and build long-term brand love to make purchasing decisions easy and natural.

Objective: Key players in this category have the ability to bombard the market with a huge range of brands. They target different audiences which equally means the investment is scattered. With an incomparable marketing budget, Unilever set out to build brand love with the aid of an authoritative partner to unleash the potential of Dove, Lux and TRESemmé in a focused manner.

Strategy: iMore partnered with three popular shampoo brands (Dove, Lux and TRESemmé) to take the desktop experience out-of-home by co-creating iMore HairPro, your personal haircare expert which provides bite-sized hair tips non-stop on the go.

Creative strategy: The main creative strategy was developed around an application with the most comprehensive hairstyling information in town. The continuous issue of hairstyling was used to build habitual usage of the HairPro app, with interactive sections built in to arouse strong user interaction.

HairPro 2 HairPro 3

Media strategy: The aim was to launch the mobile app with both ATL and BTL promotions and synchronise the content of the application with the HairPro website and mobile site to maximise coverage.

Execution: To visualise the image of all Unilever brands, dedicated content sections were created within the app to bring out the personality of each consumer demographic. For example, a “real woman” section was created for Dove, while hairstyles for work and leisure activities was created for Lux. Advertising banners with the branding of Dove, Lux and TRESemmé were also tagged with relevant content, bringing additional relevance to each brand. A tailor-made video segment inside “Hair TV 潮女姊妹幫” featured hairstyling demos with Dove, Lux and TRESemmé products.

Results: The high engagement of the application slowly changed audience perceptions towards the three brands, with more than 85% of HairPro app users agreeing they had a better understanding of Dove, Lux and TRESemmé. The HairPro app achieved more than 5,000 downloads within one month after its launch in 2013 with extensive media coverage for HairPro generated during the launch period.