Case Study: How Zurich Insurance Group recognised the hard work of its partners

 Founded in Switzerland in 1872, the Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) is one of the world’s leading insurance groups, and one of the few to operate on a truly global basis.

Zurich's mission is to help customers understand and protect themselves from risk. It provides a wide range of life and general insurance products and services. It serves individuals, small businesses, as well as mid-sized and large companies, including multinational corporations. Customers choose Zurich because they value Zurich’s expertise, knowledge and stability. The brand promise of intelligent protection is Zurich’s unique approach to understanding and managing risk – not only on behalf of Zurich’s customers, but also in the long-term interest of all stakeholders.

Zurich is uniquely positioned in Malaysia, where it offers a wide range of insurance and takaful solutions under one single brand. With a combined network of branches across 40 locations nationwide, and the support of dedicated employees, agency force, distributors and reputable partners, Zurich is committed to delivering what matters, when it matters, to its customers in Malaysia.

This post was done in conjunction with A&D Events.


In order to recognise the hard work and efforts of the great number of agency members from Zurich, a lot of research was done on Zurich’s company background, audience background, its previous events’ information and, of course, its competitors’ events. Picking the right venue was essential to suit the needs of the client’s event, especially for an event that celebrates Zurich’s best agents with the community at a grand scale of more than 1000 attendees.

In addition to comparing the venues, the overall vision for the event had to be established between A&D Events with the client to overcome any planning problems before they even arose. With this in mind, Zurich partnered with A&D Events to create a three-day two-night event schedule that aimed to:

  • Reconnect with the community and reward not just the agency members, but also the dedicated network of support given to the growth of Zurich.
  • Celebrate the achievements of Zurich’s agency members with fanfare at a gala dinner.


Success takes more than just execution. First and foremost, event goals and budgets had to be set right. The gala dinner aimed to achieve tangible and intangible results by having every guest experience the “wow” factor and have the winners walk away feeling proud. Hence, event content creation and management were important.

For the brand, technology usage patterns inform what channels and tactics are effective means of reaching out to them. While older folk may be better informed through more traditional methods, young adults are almost exclusively found through digital channels such as social media. During this process, different options were weighed to work out what best fit the company, and how each strategic option linked with the overall corporate goals. Bringing it back to what the event was trying to achieve helped to decide the best corporate event management style, and as a result, helped to build a successful corporate event strategy.

Once the best options were selected, the execution had to be planned in detail, defining the tasks between the A&D team and Zurich’s committee members, regardless of the numbers that were involved. As there are always lots of moving parts to any event and event strategy, a definite plan outlining tasks, clear roles and responsibilities is crucial to success. Over-communication, in this instance, was more effective than under communication.

This was a celebratory event, so it ensured there was entertainment. There were local bands, celebrities, dance groups and musicians that entertained the guests while the awards were not being presented. The professional entertainers helped create a buzz at the event and also facilitated networking by creating a relaxed atmosphere.


Zurich Night of the Stars 2017 was held on 11 to 13 July at GICC Genting Highlands where the Zurich community came together to learn and celebrate its achievements. The campaign was planned with three days and two nights worth of event schedule, highlighting the key message – customer immersion.

The conference centred on the theme that included topics such as “How customer immersion will double your income in half the time”, “Old school versus new style” and “The right capabilities”. Furthermore, testimonials of the users were included to gain trust of the customers.

Besides the conference, two dinners were held to recognise different tiers of the awardees and special videos of achievement. The planning of the event was thorough, having thought about everything down to the smallest detail: registration process; who would greet participants and how; audio/music; setting up of a photo corner; captivating on-stage designs; event presentation; and giving the “wow” factor.


The teams worked tirelessly to make this event hugely successful, and all the hard work paid off. One of the leaders of Zurich shared – “there are many ways and many people who do the Zurich business, but because we do it the way Zurich does, the success is so much different and memorable”.

While the 2017 Zurich Night of Stars/Customer Immersion Convention has ended, it has meant a new beginning for many lives, creating another 1,000 followers and potential agents. The event was a historic moment for Zurich, holding the annual convention at the GISR and GICC, Genting Highlands. A&D has received positive feedback from Zurich due to its flexibility and discipline on charging the production time frame. Massive set-up, limited time and perfect execution were the elements that impressed the client.