Case Study: How U Mobile achieved a 34% increase in port-in customers


U Mobile is a newcomer to the telecom industry in Malaysia. The brand wanted to increase engagement with customers and create noise around its brand. As such, it created the campaign #FreeInternetForLife, focusing on the budget-conscious youth market.


U Mobile used both promoted tweets and a promoted trend to kick-off a teaser campaign that piqued interest in the brand among young Malaysians. The brand continued to build momentum by tailoring the campaign to specific audience segments, while also constantly engaged with the audience by using promoted tweets and free merchandise incentives during the four-day teaser campaign.

Three steps to success

  1. Create engaging and interactive content to attract a young audience

U Mobile used Promoted Tweets in both English and Malay to encourage the target audience to engage with the brand and participate in conversations that could only taken place on Twitter. The brand teased the audience by asking what users would do with free internet for life.  People who participated in the discussions had a chance to win a free IPhone 6.

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  1. Use influencers to widen reach

It understood that great large potential for audience growth existed among college-going students. To create dialogue among these students, the brand reached out to celebrities, such as @Shaheizy_Sam and @LiyanaJasmay. The brand also targeted Twitter handles of notable college institutions such as @MSUmalaysia, @MonashUni, and @SEGi_UC. Keyword targeting included terms such as "orientation", and "sem break" to further drive engagement with college students.

  1. Take advantage of real-time engagement with potential customers

U Mobile understood that the youth market craves both immediate results and budget-friendly options. The brand created interest by using the Promoted Trend #FreeInternetForLife and offered a chance to win a free iPhone 6 as an incentive to engage with the campaign.

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The success of the campaign garnered @umobile unprecedented growth and further opportunities for advancement.

The brand's Consideration score grew by 4 points, the number of port-in customers (users who migrated from other telecom companies to U Mobile) grew by 34%, the promoted trend engagement rate was 1.7 times higher than the average, and #FreeInternetForLife gained more than 60,000 mentions in 4 days. Post-campaign, #FreeInternetForLife trended organically for an additional three days.