Case study: Eu Yan Sang creates mobile clinic to garner awareness

In today's world, brands which are embracing direct marketing also need to importantly continuously innovate and strengthened market research capability in targeting the right customers.

For traditional Chinese medicine giant, Eu Yan Sang, there are three key challenges that contribute to its inability to leverage its direct marketing concepts in reaching a larger customer base. These are space constraint, shortage of healthcare professionals and a lack of marketing innovation.

According to the company, these challenges caused inefficiencies in Eu Yan Sang’s traditional strategies.

This prompted the company to create an innovative and integrated direct marketing campaign called Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinic. This is in partnership with Unicom Event Marketing. The Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinic campaign led to the company winning Bronze award at the recent Marketing Excellence Awards Malaysia 2017 for Excellence in Direct Marketing.

This post was done in conjunction with Unicom Event Marketing.


The brand took a look at the direct marketing signals such as invaluable innovation, market research ability and vital importance for impeccable business performance. Three key challenges that contribute to Eu Yan Sang’s inability to leverage its direct marketing concepts to reach a larger customer base are space constraint, shortage of healthcare professionals and a lack of marketing innovation.

As such, these challenges have led to the inefficiency of Eu Yan Sang’s traditional strategies. Therefore, an innovative and integrated direct marketing campaign was a much-needed solution.


A well-formulated direct marketing plan can increase the likelihood of success and function as a competitive differentiator. Hence, Unicom Event Marketing decided to transform a custom-made mobile event truck into a mobile clinic which were stationed at different Eu Yan Sang outlets.

The mobile truck also served as a huge mobile billboard when it travelled around to various Eu Yan Sang outlets. To give the campaign an added boost, direct mailers featuring promotions, discounts, membership plans and free samples and trials for health checks were distributed to existing Eu Yan Sang consumers. In this capacity, Unicom Event Marketing was able to consistently optimise Eu Yan Sang's direct marketing components and turn it into a more effective marketing strategy.


In a bid to work with the limited amount of space and revitalise the brand, three core objectives were identified for Eu Yan Sang to execute the campaign:

  • To positively change the lives of many with easy access to healthcare
  • To drive brand awareness
  • To attract and convert target audience into prospective customers


The integrated direct marketing plan for Eu Yan Sang was further perfected with the right media, including mobile billboard and advertisement, direct mail and digital platforms.

The mobile truck clinic was location-independent, cost-effective and could be seen by a larger audience. It served as a huge mobile billboard going around cities and stationing at designated outlets. The eye-catching themed mobile billboard was highly effective and almost non-intrusive compared to other direct media. Not to mention, product exposure was further heightened with the prescription given by physicians based on specific diagnosis.

All in all, this integrated strategic process enabled the brand to understand the market and community’s need, while identifying their shortfalls. Customers had a brand image of Eu Yan Sang that was both consistent and captivating.


Collected data was used to measure how well different platforms worked together. A significant success was observed in Eu Yan Sang’s marketing campaign, as the first brand to offer the mobile clinic:

  • Increased revenue and sales
  • Heightened brand awareness
  • Proliferated market share

Right after the campaign, Eu Yan Sang was able to pull off a sales increment of 20% in mere two months, exceeding its projections. Outlet sales during the campaign were shown to have a remarkable increment rate of 150% compared to regular outlet sales. Eu Yan Sang also added that it has now gained the most attention they have ever had, with its market share on the rise.