Cartier's 'father and son' ad in China raises questions on relationships

Cartier has raised eyebrows with its latest minute-long ad which also features its iconic trinity ring. The ad shows a mix of couples and friends hanging out and among the couples were two men cycling. No subtitles or narration was included in the commercial, except for the message at the end of the spot that said: "How far would you go for love?"

Cartier wrote in a Weibo post that all kinds of emotions in this world are connected by love regardless of distance and time. While the brand did not further explain the relationship between the couples in the post, a quick search by Marketing found that Cartier's official online store on Tmall described them to be father and son. "Father and son. Bonded by love. Happily sharing life's journey," the caption said. Another image of two women read: "Mutual understanding beyond words. Witness our everlasting friendship."

Cartier's video has since raised conversations about LGBT inclusivity in ads. Many doubted that the two men were indeed father and son, with some saying that there were no visible age differences between the two. One Weibo user said it is unheard of for fathers and sons to wear matching rings. 

LGBT inclusivity in ads has been a touchy topic in Asia. Last year, Cathay Pacfic's ad featuring a same-sex couple was banned in Hong Kong's train stations and airport. The ad showed two men strolling hand in hand along a beach and was part of the airline's rebranding campaign titled "Move Beyond", which aimed to highlight its attitude to diversity.

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