Brands have a field day roasting iPhone 11's triple-lens 'slofi' camera

As with every new iPhone, the latest iPhone 11 range has once again stirred up chatter on social media. In the spotlight this time is the phone's triple-lens "slofi" camera, which is a nightmare for those with a fear of holes, also known as trypophobia. Brands have also caught on to the buzz and are having a field day roasting the triple-lens camera on social media.

In a Facebook post, Durex Singapore replaced the three cameras with three condoms and captioned the photo "Designed to protect". The graphic also read "Protect. Pro Safe. Pro Performance". The emphasis on the word "Pro" is in reference to the iPhone 11 Pro which will have three cameras, while the normal iPhone 11 will only have two. A netizen commented in Durex's post with an image of two additional cameras drawn on the back of an older iPhone model using a marker. In response, the brand said: "Wow! You've upgraded! But are you protected?"

Domino's Pizza Malaysia saw this as a chance to entice consumers into getting the value meal with three medium pizzas in it. Its Facebook post said: "Looking at this new camera design makes me hungry. If you order now, you will definitely receive your order in 30 minutes." Looks like Domino's is definitely living up to its "It's All About You" brand promise!

Domino's is not the only pizza chain that jumped on the bandwagon. Pizza Hut Singapore also published a Facebook post promoting its triple pizza combo for SG$30, referencing the triple-lens camera.

Apple's iPhones are known for their exorbitant prices and Krispy Kreme poked fun at this fact by captioning its post "Triple the joy without spending a fortune!"

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The roasting was apparently not limited to F&B, hospitality and adult brands. Even Toys "R" Us India got in on the action, announcing to consumers that they can take their children's playtime to "Pro" level with Play Doh.

Gery Malaysia, a biscuit brand, also recently got in on the action by creating iGery featuring its cheese cracker. In a lighthearted Facebook post, the brand said “Just the right amount of cheese”, featuring its cheese cracker the size of the square containing all the iPhone 11 cameras flashing a mega-watt smile. Done in collaboration with Kingdom Digital, the post was also captioned “And then there was iGery. Say cheese!”

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