BOLT KL removes brand mascots from iconic logos in fun twist to have citizens remain home

BOLT Kuala Lumpur, the post production arm of TBWA\ Kuala Lumpur, is calling on consumers to work from home and #OptForDelivery instead with a series of Facebook posts featuring KFC, Nando's, Starbucks, Burger King, PappaRich, and Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock Kopitiam. 

The posts featured the brands' logos, except that their iconic mascots are no where to be found. "Let's spread this message (and not anything else) to get Malaysians to [opt for delivery]," the posts said. BOLT declined to comment on A+M's queries.

Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock Kopitiam

It seems like the three friends have not had their frequent meet ups as they are practising social distancing and opting for delivery instead.

bolt kl kopitiam

Burger King

Staying true to his status as a King, the King has left to dine in the safety and comfort of his own home, while being served flame-grilled perfection. Oh, and of course he made sure to have his scrumptious meal delivered.

bolt kl burger king


After having some finger lickin' goodness, the Colonel went home to wash his hands and decided to stay for two weeks.

bolt kl kfc


Barci was also no where to be found too. Reason being it was feeling hot from all the extra hot peri-peri perfection. Like the King and the Colonel, it also remained at home and ordered delivery instead.

bolt kl nandos

This was reposted by Nando's on its Instagram, with the reminder for consumers to stay at home and practice good hygiene.


"Pappa is rich in common sense so he went home and decided to #OptForDelivery," BOLT Kuala Lumpur said.


bolt kl pappa rich


Well, it looks like Starbucks mermaid has also decided to remain at home and have her daily dose of caffeine to remain positive.

bolt kl starbucks

Launched recently, BOLT Kuala Lumpur is led by business director and executive producer Nisha Khirudin with three other members on the team - content director Ahmad Mo Nazmi, content artist Micheal Lim, as well as Fadhil Samah and Alya Zainudin from the art and copy team. Clients that have tapped on BOLT's capabilities include PepsiCo's Tropicana Juice, Carsome and IPC Shopping Centre.

BOLT is not the only one that is using wit and humour to push for Malaysians to remain at home during the two-week lockdown. McDonald's is putting aside differences these two weeks and using illustrations featuring its competitors to raise awareness about social distancing and calling for Malaysians to stay united and stay at home. Meanwhile, INTI, TM, Celcom, and Teleport Social have also put a fun twist to their logos to reflect social distancing. 

Separately, KFC Malaysia also voiced it support for delivery riders who are still hard at work during the two-week lockdown. In a Facebook post, KFC said the abang-abang delivery are "as strong as steel" and they salute the delivery riders who have consumers' backs, and are satisfying consumers' cravings whenever and wherever possible.

"Terima kasih for your utmost dedication during these trying times so that we can #DudukRumah. Without you, our cravings could never be satisfied," the post added, and was accompanied by a picture with the words "Standing together to serve the nation".

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