Big Data Master Report

What's the big hype about big data?

There's much chatter about big data in the industry. Cutting through the noise to focus on challenges around managing data is a must. Marketing in this Master Report looks at some of these challenges and ways to overcome them.

How can big data help CMOs?

One of the biggest challenges facing CMOs is the explosion of data and the sheer amount of information from which insights must be mined to better drive marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

Luis Chiang Carbonell, the IBM Customer Experience Lab growth markets lead explains here.

Putting the Spark into big data

Big data. Talked about at almost all conferences and industry events and in most boardrooms across the world. As we know, it’s streams of highly complex, continuous and often unstructured data.

But the question that many corporations are grappling with is how this data can be put to good use. How is big data relevant to businesses? And can it help us make better business decisions?

With the proliferation of tablets and smartphones in the market, businesses are increasingly interested in developing context-aware services to more effectively personalise service offerings. Marketers are now paying more attention to the geo-spatial dimension, whether it is to understand the potential of a location, with its peaks and quiet times, or to glean a better understanding of what drives customer behaviour during different periods of the day and at different locations. Ying Shao Wei, chief operating officer, DataSpark (part of the SingTel Group) talks how companies can benefit from using big data here.

Case study: OCBC 360 Account

A key segment for OCBC is the emerging affluent or young professionals. Various studies and surveys had shown this segment as having a “promiscuous” relationship with banks. The objective for OCBC, therefore, was to become the key operating account for this target audience and not the secondary account. There was a need to deepen the relationship. Here's how OCBC grew its business through big data.

Case study: FIFA World Cup 2014

Consumers are hard to win and even harder to retain. Online consumer behaviour is a whole new dimension. In this complex multi-platform environment, traditional market research can only tell you so much. How big data helped to socialise the FIFA World Cup 2014 here.