Berjaya Sompo Insurance makes push into digitalisation, introduces new mascot

Berjaya Sompo Insurance, an insurance provider in Malaysia, has unveiled plans to grow its brands through a detailed agenda. It has embarked on a couple of initiatives to make insurance simpler for the average consumer, one of which is activating digitalisation across the company. This includes online product innovation, increase in digital distribution channels, introducing new B2C channels as well as strengthening its digital infrastructure.

Besides its digitalisation push, the company also aims to provide training for practical and intrinsic skills to shape staffs for long-term advancement. Among its initiatives is its thematic brand campaign called "Silent Guardians".

This comprises storytelling about the insurance company's aim in fostering closer relations with its stakeholders as well as leveraging on the Japanese brand's heritage and history. With the use of Japanese warriors, ninjas, samurais and sumo wrestlers, to name a few, Berjaya Sompo looks to incorporate unique humour to highlight the importance of being insured.

The insurance company also recently introduced its latest mascot called "Sompony". Used across its markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, Sompony was created to reshape how the brand connects with consumers in a more human, light-hearted and relatable manner. In addition, Sompony also helps internal stakeholders and agents in their storytelling efforts as they educate customers on the products and services available.

Meanwhile, Berjaya Sompo opened a new branch in Seremban most recently, in addition to its Petaling Jaya store opened last year. In line with the company's digital-first approach, there are currently no plans in increasing its branch network.

Tan Sek Kee, CEO of Berjaya Sompo said that the company will be heavily investing in digitalisation as the brand moves forward. He also said that in the near future, it will look to strengthen its data capabilities and translate meaningful data to better serve its customers.

“We are confident that with on our digitalisation journey, we can service our customers from any of our current locations, regardless of distance. Furthermore, we anticipate more and more clients moving online to buy, renew and claim insurance in the coming years, hence dependency on physical storefronts will reduce,” Tan added.