Allianz unites consumers as One

Allianz Malaysia has introduced the global 'One Campaign' brand initiative in Malaysia following its international launch by the Allianz Group in October 2010.

The creative idea behind the campaign is that Allianz gives and gifts customers ‘One Thing', which may be a piece of expertise, knowledge or advice, insight, or a life experience that is beneficial to people.

Allianz launched the campaign internally on 2 May, in which it includes a Facebook application to allow employees to post and share their ONE message among colleagues.

With an external launch set for sometime in July, Allianz Malaysia will run the campaign via television, radio and newspaper advertisements supported by Facebook engagement.

In Malaysia, the campaign is set to run for two years with two waves this year and several waves in 2013, taking the brand into Malaysian households to share real success stories and advice by the Malaysian community and Allianz employees, agents and customers.

Joe Gross, executive vice president and head of group marketing management of Allianz SE, said Allianz aims to re-position the brand as a transparent company, differentiating itself from competitors.

"Our new approach helps us interact with customers in new ways and build further trust. The most credible and valuable gift we can offer to people is knowledge."

Launched in over 25 Allianz establishments across the world so far, the ‘One' concept has gathered over 2,000 pieces of advice from real people and Allianz employees across the world.