Agencies need to be riskier: Scoot

In a recent interview with Marketing, CEO Campbell Wilson said that most of its creative ideas come from its internal team.

"It pretty much comes from us; the exact execution is often suggested by them," Wilson said.

"But what I've found thus far is that we have to push them to be more adventurous. I think the Singapore mentality at the moment is ‘let's not stretch things too far'. So we've constantly had to say take more risk, you need to be riskier."

When the news of SIA's new airline broke last year, agencies flocked to the pitch, with the pitch having more than 30 agencies at one point.

It finally settled on local ad shop Sparkfury, but later swapped it for TBWA's Integer, saying the former did not have the international footprint it was looking for.

What does Wilson want from his agencies then? People who, once they have an understanding of what the brand is, go ahead and run, came the reply.

"We don't have time for countless refinements, we need people who come to us, make a little change and that's done. And that should be able to be propagated to the world, so preferably a network agency or one that has partnerships to do this.

"And we don't want an agency who always agrees with you. Ultimately we're the client, but don't just agree with everything we say."