adidas mocks Under Armour in its latest Chinese ad

Just four months after Under Armour announced plans to up its pace in China, adidas has decided to take a jab at its rival.

The ad, dubbed "One in a Billion", starts with an army of basketball players performing in unison - a shot which you might find familiar if you'd watched Under Armour's 2015 August ad, "Rule Yourself" before.

In contrast to Under Armour's ad, which emphasises the group training that athletes go through for perfection, adidas' ad shows scenes of an almost army-like basketball training. Soon after, several athletes break away from the machine-like unison and start to express their own personalities and playing styles. The ad then transitions into solo shots of young players - from basketball players, to runners, football players and yoga practitioners all displaying their individual styles. David Beckham makes an appearance as well, to inspire the young players.

At last, the ad introduces the tagline, "I am one in a billion," a big contrast to Under Armour's repetitive-training mind-set.

This is not the first time Adidas takes a shot at Under Armour's training mindset with its ads.

Last year in December, the brand released the ad "Sports needs Creators", and conveyed the message that "hard work and dedication aren’t enough", a quote that could be read as a subliminal shot at Under Armour's branding as "a brand for athletes serious about training".

Another quote in the ad, "If you call yourself an athlete, create something," also looks like a shot at Nike's ad slogan, "If you have a body, you are an athlete."