Ad Watch: Pantene's hair falling billboard needs too many factors to make it a success

Joe Wong

Executive creative director, McCann & Spencer

HOT: Anne-Christine & Google Maps: BikeAround

It touches my heart. And it reminds me of one of the greatest campaigns of all time done by YouTube which featured how ordinary people such as a young Justin Bieber at that time benefited from technology. Despite their differences, they both touch on the same things that any innovative brand should own: possibility and humanity.

Street View is not a new function. But by putting the focus on a small company, and helping to execute its vision of helping Alzheimer’s patients, Google connects its technology with our daily lives. Bravo!

NOT - Pantene, Hair Falling Billboard

Looks smart! Doesn’t it?
Umm … wait, how many consumers (or drivers) could really read the difference of a highway billboard from such a long distance? Could they identify that the display is hair at fi rst glance? And would every one of them travel on the same route every day, so they can really get the message? It is a nice idea to blend the latest geo technology with media, but it requires too many factors to make it successful.