7 types of toxic bosses. Can you relate?

The advertising industry is riddled with long-hours, tight deadlines and sometimes unreasonable demands. When working in such stressful environments, good leadership is required to rally the team together and boost morale. However, not all have the fortune of working with a great boss. Sadly, a toxic leader can be damaging to employee welfare and mental health.

According to MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's sister publication Human Resources Online, which cited a Gallup study, 75% of employees left their job not because of the job itself but because of their bosses. Interestingly, a book by Barbara Kellerman titled "Bad Leadership" said there are seven types of toxic leaders:

1. The Incompetent Boss: Unable or unwilling to do their job well.
2. The Rigid Boss: Confuses inflexibility with strength.
3. The Intemperate Boss: Lacks self-knowledge and self-control.
4. The Callous Boss: Lacks empathy and kindness.
5. The Corrupt Boss: Steals or cheats to promote their own interests.
6. The Insular Boss: Cliquish or unreachable.
7. The Evil Boss: Causes pain to further their sense of power and dominance.

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This article was first published on Human Resources Online.

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