7-Eleven puts local twist to Mickey with new mini tins

With Mickey Mouse being a household name in Malaysia, there is no better way to pique the interest of consumers with Mickey-themed tins. Collaborating with Disney, 7-Eleven Malaysia rolled out a campaign to promote Disney's Mickey Go Local Mini Tins in Malaysia, which are aimed at invoking feelings of nostalgia among consumers and allowing them to experience Malaysian local culture.

The Disney’s Mickey Go Local Mini Tins collection features 26 designs showcasing local heritage, customs, language and delicacies. From colloquial slangs such as "chun" and "fuyoh" to traditional childhood games that would take one down memory lane, the designs feature the famous Mickey Mouse and his posse dabbling in local Malaysian cultures including having tea time in a "kopitiam".

The campaign will mainly focus on social media, with the awareness being developed through teasers, updates and promotions posted on 7-Eleven Malaysia's social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. A mini contest was also introduced to allow consumers to collect the 26 exclusive Mini Tin designs. This can be done by collecting 16 stickers which are given out for every purchase of RM5 and above in a single receipt at any 7-Eleven Malaysia outlet until 22 April.

A bonus sticker will be rewarded if the purchase includes a selected partner product from brands such as Mentos, Cadbury and Wonda. Orion Digital is handling the social media management, digital amplification and media buy across all social and digital channels for this campaign. Print ads will also be displayed at 7-Eleven Malaysia's storefronts across all outlets in Malaysia.

Ronan Lee, marketing general manager of 7-Eleven Malaysia, said the uniquely Malaysian flavours of gem biscuits or spinning tops tug at the heartstrings of customers, bringing back fond childhood memories.

"Be it as a fun collectable or an adorable storage unit to keep things tidy, these 7-Eleven-exclusive Mini Tins will surely spark joy amongst customers of all ages," he added.

Meanwhile, CEO and founder of Orion Digital, Shanker Joyrama, said the idea of seeing Mickey in stores saying "fuyoh" excites him because it is uncommon to find an iconic character uttering a Malaysian slang.

"Likewise, Malaysians can rejoice in seeing the Disney characters embrace our unique and colourful culture! Even my team in Orion has been collecting the stickers since the launch of this campaign. Now, we're competing to see who can complete the Mini Tins collection first!" Joyrama said.