Zurich Insurance Malaysia picks PR partner

Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad (ZIMB) has appointed Roots PR as its public relations agency to lead the insurer’s upcoming publicity campaigns.

Philip Smith, CEO of ZIMB said: “We believe that we are in good hands with the team from Roots PR  as they continue to leverage their extensive experience to breathe creativity and life into the way we build our brand. We look forward to a great year ahead that will see ZIMB grow to greater heights through working hand-in-hand with ROOTS PR.”

ZIMB is a composite insurer headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and it caters to the insurance, savings and investment needs of Malaysians.

Alex Ooi, managing director of ROOTS PR said: “Zurich is after all one of the leading insurance groups in the world. As the market gets more dynamic in both risk management & community impact, we find there are an exciting number of challenges that we need to tackle especially with the evolving business environments. With ZIMB at the forefront of this industry, our job is to share the Zurich story in hope that consumers become more discerning in their decision-making choices.”