Zoomin.TV targets Chinese millennials with Tencent deal

European online video entertainment network Zoomin.TV and Tencent have signed a partnership, giving Zoomin.TV access to over 1.5 billion Chinese viewers.

Zoomin.TV has already launched its official WeChat, and the stories from Zoomin.TV are now available to the 936 million monthly active users on WeChat Official Account, 632 million users on Qzone and 460 million users on Kuaibao Platform.

The network said it is a Gen Z video producer and publisher that creates daily video stories with a purpose and gives both ordinary and talented people a voice.

“The stories that Zoomin.TV creates by working with 3,500 video reporters around the world, are one of a kind and strongly appeal to the younger generation,” Xue Wang, country manager China for Zoomin.TV. said.

“Our video stories are truly daring and caring and therefore pre-eminently suited to be shared on social media platforms. The numbers simply speak for themselves; Zoomin.TV really knows how to reach Generation Z. We are pleased with our partnership with Tencent and see great potential.”

Co-founder and COO Bram Bloemberg said, “The content embracing strategy from Tencent to hook Generation Z to their platforms is smart and is playing out well for Tencent. They are simply one of the global leaders in this domain and we are proud to work with them together”.

Zoomin.TV provides content like:

First To Know, or #F2K, is the Gen Z take on current affairs, using their way of addressing what’s happening now.

#LocalHeroes are profile pieces that highlight the lives and work of people who dare to aim for the impossible in the name of the greater good.

#Brainchips is a humorous, edgy and opinionated way to take a break, with video.

#FuturePlanet focuses on all the issues, challenges and solutions that affect the environment, creatures and ecosystems.

#JustMe is described as "the place where
 we can be ourselves, where 
we experiment, experience, wonder, and wander, from a POV perspective."

#Beehive is described as space which focuses on how to improve both our own lives and the lives of those around us.