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Zalora launches flash sale campaign

E-Commerce site Zalora will launch a month long shopping campaign next Monday to persuade people to shop online.

Titled The Online Revolution, Zalora Singapore will be working with e-commerce partners like Bellabox and Scoot to offer a month of promotions to shoppers on the Zalora website.

The campaign is aimed at bringing deeper awareness and activation to cross-category online shopping.

The Online Revolution will feature a month of varied promotions by various e-commerce brands across diverse categories. The deals will start on 11 November where each brand will present a custom selection of offers throughout the month.

The Online Revolution will be launched on the Zalora website with a SGD$11 flash sale, hosted on a curated landing page. There will be spike sale days, cash-back opportunities, as well as additional privilege discounts for Visa members.

The campaign will culminate in the eCommerce Revolution Day on 11 December where there will be flash sales.

“We hope that The Online Revolution campaign can highlight the convenience and benefits of online shopping by motivating consumers to buy online. Last year we worked with other major e-commerce players for a one-day sale on 12.12.12, which projected us into months of very strong growth. With this campaign, we are expecting even better results,” Tito Costa, regional managing director, Zalora said.

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