Y&R's Matthew Godfrey takes up CEO role with Nutrition Innovation

Nutrition Innovation, a Singapore-based global food science start-up, has hired Matthew Godfrey (pictured) as chief executive officer. Godfrey was previously the Asia president of global communication company Y&R, part of the world's largest communication group, WPP.

Godfrey’s objective is to launch the company’s product Nucane, a patented, clinically proven low GI sugar cane with the potential to transform the food and beverage industry. Nucane is aimed at combating the global obesity and diabetes epidemic via partnerships between sugar mills and brands to increase healthier options for consumers worldwide.

"Godfrey has the leadership track record and skills that can help accelerate Nutrition Innovation's success and growth,” founder and chairman of nutrition innovation David Kannar, said. “Our purpose is to make the world a healthier place and sugar is a major focus of the global health debate.”

Nucane is currently being used in product applications by food manufactures in four countries and Nutrition Innovation expects to have the first consumer products to market in Q1 2018. It is poised to be an incredibly important part of the global health solution and help revolutionize a US$100 billion market.