Y&R launches shopper marketing network Labstore in Guangzhou

Y&R has launched Labstore, Y&R’s digitally-led retail and shopper marketing network in Guangzhou. It has now extended across six markets in Asia Pacific – China, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Australia.

Y&R Labstore GZ’s seven-staff design team is headed up by chief art officer Dicky Meng, former creative department director at Y&R GZ.

Labstore GZ’s portfolio includes some clients shared with Y&R GZ such as Arawana and Nairobi Global Trade Center. New design and retail projects such as Tencent Greater Bay and Zhongtian Finance will be managed independently.

Y&R GZ CEO Michael Xia said, "While design is the key business right now, we look forward to expanding its shopper and retail marketing capabilities into retail strategy and planning."