You've got to love these kickass spoof ads

We all love a great ad. It has a story and a message and most importantly resonates with consumers. But sometimes what's better than a good ad is its spoof.

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, here are three some spoofs we came across which might just be better that the original.

Recently Korean automobile company Kia launched two ads. One was titled "Man of Now" featuring a modern (somewhat metro sexual) man striding down a busy street telling the camera: "I am a new age man. I am ageless but not ageist. I am free spirited, free willed ... I'm a barbecuing, meat-eating, sausage-sizzling, prawn-peeling salad lover.

The other "Woman of Now" ad features his female counterpart, a businesswoman confidently making her way through a busy street sprouting a similar dialogue. Click to watch the original ad.

Thought that was annoying? So did we.

The ad soon fell prey to the "intellectual" brilliance of consumers with a parody ad being made soon after. The spoof starts like this: "I am a new age man I am racist, but not around my black friends. I have three Facebook accounts and two mobile phone and one Malaysian chick [...]"

Catch the hilarious, (and a little bit racist) ad below.

Thought that was funny? So did we.

The Dove Real Beauty Sketches ad needs no introduction. This ad has been shared around the world a million times over depicting how most women don't realise how beautiful they really are.

But what was a bigger hit was the spoof made on Dove real Beauty sketches featuring men. The spoof showed a bunch of men describing their features.

"My mom said I have the most beautiful teeth, so I love to smile," said one character, with a gap in his tooth. Another added that his most prominent feature was his "bulge".

Downright funny, the spoof got as much if not more hits then the original. Click on the picture to watch the clip.

While the first two ad spoofs were clearly done for laughs, this third one for Coke could have potentially been a danger to the brand.

A video mimicking a Coke ad was made which hit too close to home. In fact, it was so similar that many consumers thought the spoof was the actual video. Can you tell it is a spoof ad? I certainly couldn't at first glance!

Watch the spoof ad below: