YouTube revamp: More powers to brands?

YouTube, the Google-owned video sharing website, will use "new tools" to weed out what it says are unwelcome voices, including the power to block out negative comments.

A spokesperson at Google said YouTube has always given creators, including marketers, the tools to maintain the quality of public comments. But these updates are "just making it easier for them to do at a larger scale."

The spokesperson added that revamping its comments feed in the next few months means that comments from friends will rise be given prominence and no additional charge will be added.

The revamp will also allow the creators of content to "review comments before they're posted, block certain words or save time by auto-approving comments from certain fans."

YouTube product manager Nundu Janakiram and principal engineer Yonatan Zunger added the changes will cut down time spend on moderating, and more time sharing videos and connecting with fans.

"When it comes to the conversations happening on YouTube, recent does not necessarily mean relevant."

The new feature also allows users to start a conversation so that it is seen by people in their Circles, similar to how Gmail replies are threaded.

Earlier this year YouTube made a move for paid subscriptions in a bid to further monetising its potential.