YouTube Go makes debut in Indonesia

YouTube has launched YouTube Go, a new app it built from scratch in a bid to be faster, more relevant, affordable and with innovative new features. The move also complements the launch of YouTube Offline in Indonesia in 2014 which allows users to watch videos without suffering from buffering issues. YouTube has also worked with local partners such as XL to offer video data plans to provide affordable data bundles, allowing YouTube users to worry less about exceeding data quotes.

According to a press statement, YouTube Go was designed with several main principles in mind. This includes transparency and control over data usage by giving choice into the amount of data spent on streaming or saving videos. It was designed to be offline first, improving the experience of watching videos on a slower network. The app also aims to be relatable with fresh and relevant video recommendations which are tailored to its viewer’s preferences.

Most recently, YouTube revealed a new logo, along with some changes to its mobile and desktop formats. The new logo has rolled out on its mobile and desktop platforms, and will be implemented across YouTube’s other applications and services.

Meanwhile, the Google-owned platform also unveiled other changes to its design, namely on mobile and desktop platforms. The mobile app boasted a cleaner new design and the introduction of features such as videos which move with the user. This allowed users to jump between videos with a simple swipe of the hand.

The company also recently launched an ad campaign which targets the advertising industry. A quick check by Marketing found several videos on YouTube’s “YouTuber Advertiser” channel addressing different types of interests and topics, while featuring different YouTube content creators.  These topics include makeup, DIY, gaming, sports, family and cooking, to name a few.