YouTube competitor arises

A competitor to the likes of  YouTube and Vimeo, Wonder PL has announced the launch of the world's first curated video platform for quality lifestyle content. The company aims to connect  consumers to quality lifestyle content which is free of advertising.

In a statement to the press, Wonder claims to have a highly targeted audience for content creators. With online video users expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016, Wonder said it designed a new age video platform that supports professional content creators and offers consumers a rich, advertising-free consumer experience across the web, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Members will be charged an annual fee of  US$300 to use the platform.

According to Reuters, Wonder is setting itself apart from YouTube by targeting professional content makers, unlike YouTube which is available for any member of the public who wants to upload a video. The article also added that Wonder is targeting  "brands and content creators such as the National Film Board of China and chef Tom Aikens." The video platform is developed by Sofia Fenichell who told Reuters that the platform will currently depend on subscription revenue model but could ultimately add on "opportunities for sponsored content."

Wonder has various means of financial support including Universal Music Group, Pascal Cagni – formerly general manager, vice president, Apple Europe, Middle East & Africa EMEA – and Qualcomm Ventures.

The platform also offers discovery and monetisation tools that connect quality content creators directly with relevant audiences. The video offering includes hosting and HD streaming capabilities , customisable embeddable player and channel pages on iOS platforms, data-driven programming, royalty free music from Epidemic Sound, and “click-to-purchase” and “click-to-learn-more” options which drive traffic.

"As video consumption online and mobile continues to grow at unprecedented rates, we saw an addressable market in quality lifestyle video content that was being overlooked by traditional players," said Fenichell.

"Wonder PL was created to deliver a professional video platform for content creators that makes good business sense, while ensuring an enjoyable experience for consumers. We didn't think the two had to be mutually exclusive and we are finding out that we were right."