Youth Outreach unlocks the potential of “at-risk” youth via new TVC

Kymechow has launched a campaign for charity organisation Youth Outreach, to help promote its work and services in reaching out and support Hong Kong youths who are facing difficulties.

The charity has in the past tried different ways to promote its services, not least through its highly effective “Letters from the Street” direct marketing appeals.

To kick off the campaign, Kymechow has produced a 60-second TV commercial which launched on Buzplay media, the story was conceived and directed by Moviola director Anthony Ng, using the analogy of a pavement weed being plucked and nurtured to show what is possible if we give a chance for someone to grow.

The slot on Buzplay is free via the help of PHD Hong Kong.

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Kymechow and Moviola on producing a campaign to promote the services which Youth Outreach provides to youth at risk,” said Youth Outreach founder Peter Newbery.

“The situation of young people dropping out of school and hanging around on the streets is not getting any better and it is essential that each member of our community becomes aware of what is happening to our young people and stretch out a helping hand before it is too late.”

The campaign will be complemented by various other media applications, including online and traditional media. Youth Outreach also promotes its work in rehabilitating disadvantaged youngsters through its successful and entertaining ‘Dance it Up’ hip hop show, which is scheduled in April 2015.

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