Yoopies acquires HK's HelperChoice to boost ethical domestic help services

European care platform Yoopies has acquired the Hong Kong-based foreign domestic worker and family connection platform HelperChoice.

Launched in Hong Kong in 2012, HelperChoice aims to help foreign domestic workers find jobs without paying extortionate illegal fees to recruitment agencies and loan sharks.

“It was an enriching experience to build a social enterprise and make it profitable without ever compromising its ethical mission. We are proud to have contributed to raise awareness about the situation of foreign domestic workers in Asia, and today we are thrilled to entrust HelperChoice to Yoopies, a group that shares the same values," explained Laurence Fauchon and Florian Garivier, co-founders of HelperChoice.

Yoopies now operates in 16 countries across Europe. After the latest expansion into Asia, Yoopies claims it is the largest global platform in services to individuals outside of the US.

"We want to make the most out of Yoopies’ technical expertise to help push HelperChoice’s mission to end modern slavery in Hong Kong and Singapore even further. We have positive signs from the local administrations, and we hope that soon we’ll be able to begin collaborating with them to completely review and digitalise the foreign domestic workers visa and recruitment processes, so these workers can finally stop relying on unethical third parties," said Benjamin Suchar, CEO of Yoopies.