YDM launches new content marketing platform

Thailand's Adyim and Korea's YelloStory, both part of Yello Mobile's Yello Digital Marketing (YDM) Group, have launched Revu, a global content marketing platform in Thailand.

Revu is modeled after Withblog, which is Korea's leading blog marketing platform, with 210,000 members and 500,000 review contents in the Korea market. The platform provides influencers with opportunities to try out various services and products, turn these experiences into content, and share them with others.

Withblog is the contents marketing platform of YelloStory, which started since 2009, with more than 50,000 campaign executions thus far. This expansion of YelloStory into Thailand is the fruit of strategic collaborations among YDM companies in and out of Korea, with the aim of YDM Group leading the digital marketing market in Southeast Asia.

YelloStory took charge of the planning and developing stages of Revu, while Adyim, a Thai online agency, looked over providing and managing the services in Thailand. Both companies will handle the localisation and network formation jointly.

YelloStory intends to gradually expand the market, with focus on countries YDM companies are present in, such as Indonesia and Singapore. The groundwork is currently in place for these countries, such as market research and network formation.

Chang Dae Gyu, CEO of YelloStory, said, "“YelloStory’s overseas market expansion could happen earlier and faster than expected, thanks to collaborations with YDM companies based in Southeast Asia.”

"Since it is the first case of Korea's contents marketing platform service utilizing influencers going into Southeast Asia, we plan to do our best to make Revu the best contents marketing platform in Asia," Jang added.