Yakult SG takes consumers on a gut health adventure with 3-part mini game

Probiotic cultured milk drink Yakult Singapore has launched a three-part mini-game titled "Yakult Theme Park" to better engage with its audience and provide an interactive learning opportunity on gut health through a personalised experience. The game targets existing consumers, families, and children and features three zones - Rollercoaster, Haunted House and Escape Room. Planning began in March this year together with digital agency Solstice and Rollercoaster was launched in June followed by Haunted House in August. Escape Room will be launched in the coming months. 

In the game, users are taken on a journey through the zones where they get to make their own choices, which will enable them to understand and better digest the content. According to Yakult, users will also be able to take on the information at their own pace as opposed to absorbing content through traditional passive viewing.

yakult theme park haunted houseyakultsgminigame

While Yakult declined to comment on the monetary value of the game, the spokesperson said it plans to use this game to explore and better understand how such content performs with its audience before introducing a wider range of content. Moving forward, the brand plans to offer multiple interactive contents with different edutainment pieces such as quizzes, brainteasers, and even screen-free activities.

Aside from the game, Yakult has also been creating lighthearted content for its Facebook page. Last week, it published a crossword puzzle to get consumers' brain juices flowing. It also published a special video ahead of National Day showing its mascot Yakult Man creating the Yakult Berries Slushie. At the same time, it also turned its Yakult flavours into different personalities and got followers to choose the character they identify with most. Separately, the brand also recently sent its well wishes to the Paralympians at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in a cute Facebook post. The games commenced on 24 August.

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