Yakult plastic straws marketed on Carousell as 'vintage', reselling at SG$1,000

At the beginning of the year, Yakult Singapore made headlines as it informed customers about eliminating plastic straws and said that it will work towards changing its plastic packaging.  Now, the straws are being sold on Carousell for as high as SG$1,000. A quick check by Marketing saw that sellers were marketing the straws by labelling them as "vintage" under their product description.

The decision to remove plastic straws was first shared by the brand on social media to contribute to environment protection and sustainability. “We value your unvarying support in our effort to help protect the environment and hope you will continue your healthy journey with Yakult,” the statement added.

The straw removal was mostly lauded by netizens. The post was met with positive comments and the post had over 422 shares at the time of writing. The move puts Yakult on par with brands such as KFC, Starbucks and Resorts World who have also taken similar steps.

Marketing has reached out to Yakult Singapore for comment.