Xiaomi crowned king of wearables, Apple ranks third

Xiaomi has topped the wearable market with 3.7 million units and a 17% market share in 2017 Q2, earning the top for the first time, and its shipments rose 23% on the year, Strategy Analytics research report reveals.

According to the report, wearables reached US$22 million in global shipments in Q2. The total represents an 8% growth on the prior year's quarter.

While Xiaomi topped the chart, Fitbit came second with 3.4 million units and a 16% share.

Apple ranked third with 2.8 million units and a 13% market share. Its shipments rose 56% YOY.

Xiaomi scaled up thanks to their low-cost strategy, which performed well in China. As for Apple, it lagged down by its weak presence in the fitness tracker market.