Xiaomi splits PR from marketing, establishes it as stand alone department

Xiaomi is making changes to its organisational restructure. As part of these changes the public relations team, which was originally part of the company’s marketing department, will become its own department. Xu Jieyun has been appointed general manager, reporting to chief branding officer Li Wanqiang.

Meanwhile, the (i)marketing department (with the exception of the public relations team), the (ii) sales and services department's e-commerce marketing group, and the (ii) new media group will merge into the company’s sales and services marketing department. Liang Feng is appointed as the general manager of this new department, reporting to vice president Wang Lingming.

It is also creating two new departments to further strengthen the management functions of headquarters: the organisation department and the strategic advisory department. The strategic advisory department will be responsible for assisting the CEO in formulating company strategy and supervising the strategic execution of each business unit. Senior vice president Wang Chuan will assume the role of department head, reporting to the CEO. Xiang Zheng will assume the role of deputy head of the department, reporting to Wang Chuan.

The organisation department will be responsible for the recruitment, promotion, training, assessment and remuneration for mid- to senior-level management, as well as the organisational structure of each department. Senior VP Liu De will assume the role of department head, reporting to the CEO. Jin Ling will assume the role of deputy head, reporting to Liu De.  According to the company this comes as Xiaomi has over the last eight years matured into a public company, with revenue exceeding RMB100 billion and nearly 20,000 employees.

“As we continue to build a sustainable future for the company, we believe that organisational management and strategic planning must be prioritised. In this spirit, our senior management team has implemented several changes that will not only expand the capabilities of headquarters, but also provide opportunities for young talent to rise up the ranks,” it said.

Four business units, including Mi TV, Mi Ecosystem, MIUI and Entertainment, are now reorganised into 10 new business units (four Internet business units, four hardware product divisions, one technology platform and one e-commerce division), with the General Manager of each business unit reporting directly to the CEO.

With these changes, Xiaomi says it intends to extend greater opportunities to the next generation of management to further prove themselves and to lay the groundwork for a more dynamic and enterprising organization. These changes are only the first of many more to come.