XCO partners NETS to reach and reward motorists

The X Collective (XCO) and NETS have partnered up to reach out and reward motorists. The move marks XCO's first partnership to harness the capabilities of WINK+ GO, the latest feature and CRM programme of the WINK+ app which targets commuters and now motorists. The app was first launched in 2016.

The partnership brings together an enhanced feature in the app, WINK+ GO, and a new payment product, the NETS Contactless CashCard, to jointly offer Singaporeans an attractive solution for earning and redeeming reward points. This can be used for travel through the SMRT's public transport network or operational ERP gantries among others. The WINK+ points collected can then be redeemed for rewards at participating F&B and retail outlets.

According to Dawn Low, managing director of XCO, the joint project brings together digital and payment services, as well as rewards to benefit Singaporeans on-the-go. Jeslyn Tan, senior general manager of XCO’s media and digital business, added that this collaboration with NETS will offer advertisers and agencies more targeted reach to commuters travelling within the SMRT network and also motorists on the road.

“The CashCard has been synonymous with car park and ERP charges since it was first launched in 1996. Our partnership with XCO lets us pack the new Contactless CashCard with loads of benefits including WINK+ rewards points and enables us to thank motorists for their support over the years,” Shabirin Ariffin, head of strategic marketing and communications at NETS, said.