Verizon Media's predictive audience tech helps Wyeth Materna drop CPA by 90%

Wyeth Nutrition has leveraged Verizon Media’s predictive audience technology to optimise its programmatic ad investments, reducing the brand's cost per acquisition by 90%.

In partnership with Verizon Media Ad Platforms and OMD Hong Kong, Wyeth Nutrition has used the technology for the latest programmatic campaign of Wyeth Materna, applying the same pre-defined audience settings in the same campaign period under three different buying models, such as predictive audience, lookalike expansion and audience targeting.

By building analytic models that examine one million attributes, the predictive audience technology devises predictors that can accurately locate potential buyers - thereby effectively mapping, targeting and converting the right audiences in Verizon Media's 1B user base.

This is facilitated by Verizon Media’s demand-side platform (DPS) machine learning engine, which locates, correlates and ranks data points leading to conversion. Scores are then given to individual users, based on these “predictive factors” to allocate investment. The campaign learning is then accumulated by the AdLearn algorithm to benefit all future campaigns that deploy predictive audience.

"Considering the ever-increasing competition, we have to go beyond conventional media tactics to recruit new users. As a firm believer of programmatic, we understand the power of the technology, but at the same time, we are constantly questing for more effective ways of buying.  I look forward to leveraging this technology further to benefit all of Wyeth Nutrition’s brands," said May Chung, business executive officer of Wyeth Nutrition.

"With the help of predictive audience, we have been able to take programmatic beyond precision targeting to even better prospecting for Wyeth Nutrition. I believe this campaign will serve as an inspiration for other marketers to revisit the capability of programmatic and what it can do for their campaigns, concluded Gary Wong, Managing Director of OMD Hong Kong.