Wyeth Hong Kong taps chatbot to engage millennial mums

Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong will launch a chatbot programme with its ad tech agency Pixels for its latest illuma organic product launch this month.

The mobile campaign integrates a series of Q&As into HTML5 ads using the chatbot engine with the aim of helping answer questions from parents regarding the new organic product and directing them to relevant information immediately.

“Young mums, especially the millennial mums, rely on new technologies to get inspiration for parenthood,” said Alexandra Lo, digital lead at Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong.

“Wyeth Nutrition is eager to embrace new technology to make their parental journey more enjoyable. We are glad to be their first brand using Pixels’ chatbot. The technology does not only enhance our communication efficiency, it also addressed parents' need for timely yet credible information real time, and engaged them with an improved brand experience throughout.”

Pixels said its chatbot is enabled on major messaging platforms including Facebook messenger, Skype, on SMS or text and via web browsers while Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is signed on as its first client.

“With ChatBot, advertisers can now effectively integrate their current promotional messages to consumers on messaging apps already commonly used by consumers”, said Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels.