Wyeth Gold takes kids around the world

Wyeth Gold launched a new “Learning-On-the-Go” integrated educational app for parents.

Created by TBWA\Hong Kong, the app lets children choose a landmark in a country, which will bring them on street view, and a virtual flash card embedded with English, Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciations of the destination will pop up.

Each destination travel will garner 100 “learning miles”; the more earned will open a greater chance for fans to win prizes like local study tours, product sponsorship or HK$20,000 for an overseas learning programme.

To promote the launch, TBWA\Hong Kong has developed print, out of home, online, mobile, social media, retail and street activation.

“Wyeth Gold is committed not only to the health of our children but also to their education and learning. Every day, children have the opportunity to learn something new and by promoting ‘Learning on the Go’, we want to bring parents closer to their kids as well as give them a fun way to learn,” says Clarence Chung, general manger of Hong Kong Wyeth Nutrition.