WSJ nabs new Asia editor for iconic column

The Wall Street Journal Asia has appointed Hong Kong-based economics and markets reporter Alex Frangos to take on the role of Asia editor for financial analysis and commentary column “Heard on the Street”, effective on October 22.

Succeeding Duncan Mavin, who moved to London as European financial editor, Frangos will direct the development of the flagship column in the region while supervising the 'Heard' team of Asia-based reporters. He will also be a regular contributor to the column himself.

Frangos spent 13 years working as a staff reporter at the Wall Street Journal (New York) and has been covering Asian economics and markets for the past four years, allowing him to witness and report on the region’s major news stories. He was also an important contributor to this year’s Wall Street Journal "China's Rising Risks" series.

Commenting on the rapidly changing media landscape, Frangos stressed he won’t be biased to any platform.

“We have to cater to all platforms. What's important is that people are reading our best work wherever is convenient for them," he said.

Before moving to Asia, he covered the American real estate market where he digged into the finances issues around the redevelopment of the World Trade Center and Donald Trump's property fiascos.

As a media veteran, Frangos offered some advice for budding financial reporters: "You need to be clever and fast at connecting the dots, and confident enough in your thinking to be skeptical of the conventional wisdom. But also you can't lose the humility to ask what might seem like stupid questions."