WOW magazine to debut in Hong Kong

Following the acquisition of Heart Media Group in April, the newly formed company is bringing the Singapore-based luxury watch publication WOW magazine to Hong Kong.

Launching in September under a licensing agreement between the publication and WhiteWave Media Group, WOW Hong Kong will be the fourth regional edition following Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

The launch also marks Heart Media's first move to expand in Asia after declaring that more editions will be added across the region over the next 24 months.

"WOW will further strengthen its clout in Asia and conquer new readers," said Olivier Burlot, CEO of Heart Media.

"Our commitment to quality and insightful reporting is paying off. Get ready for a strong inaugural issue."

CEO of WhiteWave Media and executive director of Heart Media Julian Peh added that the luxury watch magazine is the most prominent watch magazine in Singapore.

He said WWMG will be push WOW "extremely aggressively" to offer more choices to the sophisticated watch collectors of Hong Kong.