World’s first traditional media programmatic platform gains traction in Australia

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Buy on Platform (BOP), an Australian-built platform designed to programmatically transact print advertising, is being used by media brands to implement industry-wide print campaigns for the federal government of Australia.

Simon Grace, director of government business at Universal McCann, the appointed media agency, said: “BOP has allowed us to execute large-scale election and COVID campaigns. The fast turnaround of the booking process, combined with the virtual elimination of account queries, has meant print is now far easier to deal with.”

“The past few months have been difficult for the industry with many newspapers ceasing publication, and others having to change their publishing days. All of these changes have been promptly reflected on the BOP platform, enabling our media buyers to immediately modify their campaigns without having to communicate with multiple publishers.

“We have little hesitation now in adding print to any campaign, due to this speed and accuracy advantage. The print industry has greatly benefited from the introduction of this platform,” he added.

BOP has been developed over the last 6+ years, in co-operation with Publisher's Internationale, Universal McCann and The Media Store, the Australian media agency for Toyota. Both Universal McCann and the Media Store continue to use the platform for print buying.

David Lodge, client director at Toyota, said, “The BOP platform has been invaluable during COVID, allowing our teams to work remotely and book print campaigns seamlessly. Quite apart from the productivity gains from the booking process, we have been able to take advantage of BOP to speed up the creative side of every campaign.

“The platform’s support for material deadline calculation, as well as prompt capture of publisher booking IDs, cuts the time required to initiate the creative process by half. BOP has made print the easiest to deal with, across any category of media.”

BOP was created to meet industry requirements and is supported by industry bodies MFA and News Media Works Australia. It is a central hub for print that contains the full catalogue of all publishers and reps in the Australian market. Sophie Madden, CEO ‐ MFA, said, “We believe that the Buy On Platform System has great potential to streamline and automate how agencies and publishers transact together.”

BOP was created with two simple tenets - to make media buying easy and to eliminate disputes and account queries. It offers a streamlined interface and an automated, transactional workflow between media agencies and publishing companies or their representatives. BOP helps media buyers execute large campaigns at scale and with cost efficiencies. It helps publishers amplify revenue by enabling them to compose bundles of publications and make them visible to targeted buyers. BOP’s two-way handshake between agency and publisher and robust audit trail reduce disputes and account queries.

BOP has automated print transacting and is now extending its capabilities to other traditional media, as well as to Private Marketplace (PMP) Digital. Multimedia bundles will soon be transactable as easily as print bundles (comprising display ads, inserts and classifieds) can be transacted today.

For media buyers, BOP can also make reach and value readily calculable and comparable across different publishers and media classes. It allows them to target defined audience groups, reduce the time and effort required to put together publications for a campaign and hone their strategy on the fly as they do with their digital spend. BOP’s one-click campaign buying feature shortens turnaround times and increases the accuracy of campaign booking.

For more information on demonstrations and free trials or any queries, please contact Charlton D’Silva, CEO, at (+61) 2 8298 9326, email or click here to find out more about BOP’s programmatic platform for traditional media.