Wonda brews up the perfect ad campaign for Kopi Tarik range

Wonda has enlisted the help of M&C Saatchi to create the launch campaign for Wonda Kopi Tarik. The challenge was how to convince consumers that Wonda Kopi Tarik is as authentic as the Kopi Tarik at their regular corner coffee shop.

The iconic image of coffee pouring from a great height is what sets Kopi Tarik apart from every other coffee drink. After much deliberation the team settled on this image of ‘Tarik-ing’ as the centre piece of the entire campaign.

The launch film focuses on a Kopi Tarik aficionado trying to make the perfect cup of Kopi Tarik. His solution? A giant hot air balloon that allows him to tarik from a great height.

Needless to say, the enterprise ends in disaster and that’s when he is offered a can of Wonda Kopi Tarik – the easiest way to get the perfect blend.

According to the agency, the launch film was a great success and garnered over 100,000 views within a week on Youtube alone.

The film was accompanied by a print campaign designed to create buzz around the product. The team went as far as creating a special gadget that allowed people to actually practice their ‘tarik-ing’ skills using the ad. The campaign is ongoing.

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