Women dominate social gaming

Women dominate the social gaming world with 60% of Singapore’s 1.07 million social gamers being women aged between 25 to 54.

In a study done by Spiral Media, it was also found that 49% of these women have children. Of the overall gaming population, 64% of all social gamers are employed while 33% of the overall gaming population are found to be pursuing education.

Nearly two-thirds of the gaming population play from their laptops daily while 78% of social gamers own either a smartphone or tablet device.

According to the study, the increase of social gaming globally is also attributed to platforms such as Facebook, Android and iOS which have provided an easy vehicle for the dissemination of gaming titles.

The trend has seen a significant rise in the past for years due to to peer recommendation which has led to greater audiences through friendly competition.

Take a look at who are the social gamers in Singapore and their attributes.

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