Can the US revive its image in Asia?

The US is in an allout bid to pull in more Asian tourists with a major multi-market campaign running.

For the first time, an international marketing organisation called Brand USA has been created to push America to international markets. The organisation is backed by president Barack Obama, according to a Brand USA release. It will unite its 50 states to market them to international markets.

The organisation will be throwing its focus on 15 Asian markets, including Australia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The campaign will have an annual global marketing fund of USD$125 million.

The first campaign for Asia will roll out in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Ad campaigns will run across print, broadcast, digital and social media in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The events will also be held to promote the US in the form of travel fairs, road shows and sale missions to reach out to the B2B and B2C segments, Jay Gray, vice president – global partnership development, Brand USA told Marketing.

While travel events are one of the tools being used to reach out to its audience, it is also making use of local and international partners to market Brand USA.

Gray added that the brand will work closely with international carriers, tourism boards in the various countries and travel agencies. It will also collaborate closely with destination management organisations, private tour organisers, ground operators, media and government bodies.

Christopher L. Thompson, president and CEO, Brand USA said: “The South East Asian market is an emerging but rapidly growing one, and we are experiencing a consistent demand for travel to the U.S.”.

The marketing initiative is expected to draw in 100 million international visitors to USA by 2021.

The global media partner for Brand USA is JWT while BrandStory is the representative company/agency in charge of the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets.

However, at a press conference yesterday, several members of the media raised issues of concern with the US, such as Visa issues and high crime rates.