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When pork becomes art

With the initiatives to celebrate the brand’s recent expansion to the Hong Kong market as well as introduce its product to the local consumers, Flodins, sub-brand of the Nordic meat producer HKScan, has come up with an interesting idea: to correlate its pork with art.

Its recent campaign in the city, dubbed “#porkart”, encourages food lovers and restaurants to use its newly introduced Omega-3 pork to create beautiful dishes.

The campaign, partnered with GHC Asia, rides on the photo taking trend and popularity of food images on social media channels to introduce the hashtag #Porkart in reference to “Pop-art”.

It will launch a social media competition between May 15-26th to tap several Hong Kong bloggers such as Thomas Fung (@thomas_fung) and Sweetie Sweetie mama (@sweetiesweetie.mama) to take the best #porkart dishes.

Several Hong Kong chefs such as Jaakko Sorsa of FINDS, Jim Löfdahl of Frantzen’s Kitchen and Mick Bolan of 208 Ducentto Otto, will also be serving special #porkart dishes during the campaign period.

“The campaign not only targets social-media savvy millennials, but also local food lovers who are passionate about eating out and nice restaurants,” the company said.

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